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Business Strategy and Internet Marketing Consulting

More and more businesses start to recognize the critical impact of internet marketing to their business success.  A well-designed website is like a loyal, diligent employee who promotes your products and services, services your customers, and brings in revenue 24 hours a day and 7 days a week non-stop. A business just can’t afford not having a good website. 

Nevertheless, instead of creating value, a website could add burden to your business if it is not aligned with your business objectives. For example, traffics from people looking for modest apartments will only add burdens to leasing staffs of a luxury apartment.  At WisdomEverest, we make sure we understand your business objectives first. We then help you form and articulate business strategies and internet marketing strategies.  We are not just another company who can do websites.  We provide integrated business strategy consulting and internet technology solutions to better position our clients to meet market challenges.

Our Internet Marketing and Branding practice focuses on identifying desired customer segments.  With Website Monitoring and Traffic Analysis, we monitor and analyze website viewers and their traffic patterns.  With first hand data and analysis, we work with our clients to develop unique brands for desired customer base.

We translate business strategies and marketing and branding objectives into website strategies throughout Information Architecture (IA) process.  IA helps clients define and organize detail messages about their products and services.  It turns strategies and objective into detailed and structured web contents. Website Strategy and IA make sure the right marketing and brand messages get delivered to desired internet audience with best impacts.

Search Engine Optimization has been playing increasing roles in Internet Marketing.  About 85% of all website traffic and 70% of all purchases online start from a major search engine such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN.  No matter how good it looks, a website is irrelevant if its desired viewers cannot find it. With WisdomEverest, we make sure you get what you paid for your website—customers will be able find your site with target keywords.  Our Search Engine Optimization and Marketing techniques have been proven effective in helping our clients to gain traffics that otherwise would be lost.

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